Digital HD Progessives
Your vision is unlike anyone else’s. Your prescription, the frames you choose, and even the way your eyewear is positioned on your face affect how well your progressive lenses perform for you. That’s why ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2 is unlike any other progressive lens. Most progressives are designed to meet the vision needs of many people. But your ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2 lenses will be custom designed to meet the vision needs of just one person: YOU. Let us show you how ZEISS can build a better lens for you.

Whether you’re near-sighted, far-sighted or have astigmatism, ZEISS Single Vision Individual® lenses are fully personalized for your unique prescription. Every part of your lens is optimized for how you alone see. This ensures that your lenses will provide the widest, clearest viewing area possible, no matter how intricate your prescription. This new generation of ZEISS single vision lenses can be precisely personalized just for you to deliver your best vision possible.


  • Breakthrough edge-to-edge clarity up to 50% larger, clear fields of view than ordinary lenses.
  • Uses precise measurements of how your frames fit on your face to deliver your best vision possible.
  • Fully personalized for your prescription, face, and frame.
  • Also available for wrap frames.

Computer Lenses

See more at the workplace: The new office lens portfolio by ZEISS with Maximum Intermediate Distance (M.I.D.) technology. People spend a lot of their time in enclosed areas such as when they work in an office or are doing things at home. For these everyday very near to intermediate situations not every lens allows relaxed and clear vision. Unsuitable lenses can constrain our vision and can cause symptoms such as tired eyes, eyestrain, headaches, neck and back pain.


  • Clear visual acuity for near to intermediate distance vision with wide vision zones.
  • Relaxed and natural vision in the office and for any activities at near and mid-range.
  • Comfortable head and body posture.
  • Adapted to personal visual distance from the near to intermediate range.

Self Tinting Lenses

PhotoFusion® by ZEISS self-tinting lenses give you comfortable vision for any light condition.
Fast adaptation to changing light — High-index and polycarbonate lenses darken up to 20% faster and fade back up to two times as fast as previous photochromic lenses offered by ZEISS*

The right level of clarity at the right time — PhotoFusion® by ZEISS lenses are very clear indoors and turn very dark in sunlight, giving you excellent vision in every type of light

Optimum sun protection — PhotoFusion® by ZEISS lenses provide 100% protection from solar UV rays

Excellent quality, extraordinary durability — PhotoFusion® by ZEISS lenses benefit from ZEISS high-quality standards, ensuring excellent color consistency and retention of self-tinting performance

You will appreciate that PhotoFusion® by ZEISS lenses ensure your eyes will not only be comfortable in all lighting conditions, they’ll be fully protected. And by investing in UV protection now, you can help maintain healthy eyes in the years to come.

Anti-Reflecting Coating

ZEISS invented the anti-reflective coating almost 75 years ago. We’ve been building on that breakthrough technology ever since, making AR coatings that are clearer, more durable and more convenient to use.
With PureCoat™ by ZEISS, we’ve created our best-performing AR coating ever, offering an unsurpassed combination of clarity, dust resistance and easy cleaning, keeping your patients’ focus on the world, not the lenses.

Anti-reflective Technology: Lenses without anti-reflective technology develop visible light reflections that can be dangerous when driving on wet roads or at night. The anti-reflective technology in PureCoat® by ZEISS helps reduce reflections to less than 1% of the light — compared with 7% to 13% for uncoated lenses.

Scratch-resistant Technology: Plastic lenses help make glasses lighter and more comfortable, but they’re much more prone to scratches than glass lenses. The high-quality, scratch-resistant technology in PureCoat® by ZEISS helps keep lenses from getting scratched.

Antistatic Technology: Dirt and dust can cling to traditional untreated lenses, smudging the lenses and blurring your vision. But the premium antistatic element in PureCoat® by ZEISS helps repel contaminants like dust and debris.

Hydrophobic Technology: Grease or droplets of water can slide off the surface of lenses treated with this super-slick coating, so the lenses are quicker and easier to clean.Additional anti-reflective options from Carl Zeiss Vision

Every PureCoat lens comes with 2 YEAR WARRANTY

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